Are you looking for a safe and warm space in which to confide your most personal thoughts and feelings?

Harms and Harms, PC has over thirty years of experience in helping others along their therapeutic journey. If you are like most people, you may be experiencing anxiety, depression, or difficulties with your career or relationships. The common thread among these problems is often a difficulty managing emotions.

Relationship problems are often manifestations of difficulties tolerating and managing anxiety about closeness, anger about distance, and frustration about unmet needs. Psychotherapy is an opportunity through self-examination and reflection to develop the capacity to use empathy and insight to modulate and contain emotions. Many people rely on common coping strategies including disavowal of emotions which are then expressed in physical symptoms or reliance on external sources of comfort such as food, alcohol, technology, or drugs to zone out. Others may unwittingly interact with friends and family in such a way as to inject distressing emotions creating stormy or broken relationships.

All of these strategies can be self-defeating and self-limiting. Expand your repertoire of options through a journey in self-exploration which will be personally tailored for you by your individual psychotherapist. We welcome you into our practice where one of our highly trained clinicians will provide the same level of interest and care as they would to members of their own family. Reach out today.

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Deborah G. Harms, Ph.D.

I am a fully licensed Clinical Psychologist and Certified Psychoanalyst in private practice in Southfield, Michigan where I conduct psychotherapy and psychoanalysis with adults. I provide traditional psychotherapy for anxiety, depression, and relationship problems. I focus my treatment plan on your needs and goals to help you achieve your desired results. I create a warm and inviting environment where you can confide personal issues with absolute trust. My practice is composed of referrals from satisfied clients and other mental health professionals who often refer their family members…Keep Reading

Joel R. Harms, Ph.D.

I am a fully licensed clinical psychologist practicing traditional psychotherapy with adults and couples. I have over thirty years of experience with many favorable outcomes. My practice is composed of referrals from colleagues, the clergy, and satisfied clients who have referred their friends and family. I provide a warm, inviting atmosphere in a private, confidential setting…Keep Reading

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